Liza writes her own lyrics and music. She is a member of the highly esteemed jazzworld jazzquartet Hotel Bossa Nova.
The Quartet has released 5 Albums so far 3 of which for the renowned Jazzlabel ENJA Records.
Liza da Costa grew up in the Motorcity of Ruesselsheim, Germany where General Motors produce Opel Cars. Her mother is Portuguese and her father is from Goa, India. Her fathers‘ jazzrecord collection made her turn to Jazz in an early age.

During stays in Lisbon, Portugal she got in touch with Brazilian Music MPB. At a young age she became a member of a Catholic church choir and also sang in an Baptist Choir of the American Forces Service Members in Germany. She started performing live at the age of 16. Liza lives in Germany and in Portugal.

Liza toured in Germany, Russia, The US, Japan, Finnland, Norway, Belgium, Luxenburg, Estonia, Lituania, Lettland, Poland, The Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria and Switzerland and in South Korea.